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Jambo! My name is Abdulkharimu Amlani Seki,
for friends - Abdul.
I am 23 years old, an animator and I come from Tanzania.
I will show you Zanzibar with my eyes.

This website was created for those of you who dream of spending a wonderful time in a Paradise on Earth that is Zanzibar.

For over 2 years I worked at Reef & Beach Resort in Zanzibar as an animator. I have always dreamed of starting my own business to deepen the skills and experience gained while working in a hotel.

During your dream vacation in Zanzibar, I will organize trips for you, take you on a safari to Tanzania, take care of you during your vacation and make sure that you are satisfied with your well-deserved vacation.

Twój przewodnik Abdul

Why travel in Zanzibar?

Because it's an island that is impossible not to love!

These are beautiful, sandy beaches where you can lie under a palm tree for hours

These are the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean inhabited by extraordinary creatures...

...from sea urchins that you do not want to step on, to bristles, sea cucumbers, colorful starfish, turtles and bottlenose dolphins.

These are one-of-a-kind sunrises and sunsets that you can admire while standing on the ocean floor with your dry feet...​

... thanks to the regular ebb and flow, which gives the impression that the ocean is playing hide and seek with us.

It is a place of unforgettable memories that will provide you with impressive attractions...

...swimming with dolphins and turtles, a walk in the spice farm and much more.

It is also real Africa in a nutshell, which you will get to know when going to traditional, poor villages, which Zanzibar is full of

The Maasai are the most famous ethnic group in this part of Africa. They deal with herding cows on a daily basis, and during the tourist season they produce decorations by hand, which can be purchased from them as unusual travel souvenirs.

Finally, it is an amazing adventure for the palate!

Traditional dishes are impressive and delight with their difference from typical, well-known European cuisine. The intensely colorful fruits deserve special attention: passion fruit, mango and lychee. There is no shortage of seafood here: crabs, octopuses or mussels.

Don't hesitate. Your guide Abdul is waiting just for you! 🙂

meet the lovable inhabitants of the island in their natural habitat

be amazed by the beautiful flora and extraordinary landscapes

museums, monuments... - this is what history researchers love

Is Africa wild? 😉

the taste of Africa - the taste of happiness shared with love

"to travel is to live"

Hans Christian Andersen

Stone Town

Prison Island

Spice Farm


The Rock Restaurant

Safari Blue


Snorkeling with dolphins

Jozani Forest

Rajskie podróże po Zanzibarze

"Don't put your dreams on hold. Set them off for dreams."

If your dream is to travel to Zanzibar, I can assure you that the direction is divine! It is true that the whole world is a beautiful work of God, but here you will really breathe as in Paradise.

Heavenly journeys around Zanzibar will give you relaxation, a feeling of happiness and regained power!

Zanzibar guarantees you the most beautiful natural environment and I give you the best fun and care for your best vacation 🙂

Your Guide Abdul

unforgettable adventures

they are waiting for those who want unforgettable moments