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I will help you with transport from the airport to the hotel and other places that interest you.

I will help you go through all the formalities that are necessary to comfortably spend your vacation in Zanzibar. You will find a lot of useful information below.

I will help you with any problem and answer all your questions about stay in Zanzibar.

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"Plastic bag ban"

You are not allowed to bring anything packed in plastic bags into Tanzania, as well as to Zanzibar. This ban has been in force since 2019 and is aimed at minimizing environmental pollution, mainly ocean waters, where more and more plastic waste appears.


Due to respect for the Muslim religion, shoulders and knees should be covered when outside the hotel premises (especially in towns and villages).

Worth taking

It should not be forgotten that Zanzibar is not only beautiful beaches and luxurious hotels. It is primarily wild Africa where life is not easy. When visiting villages, it is difficult not to notice the poverty in which their inhabitants live, so it is worth having some small gifts with you. Children will be especially happy with school supplies, e.g. pens, crayons, notebooks.


There are two dry and two rainy seasons in Zanzibar during the year. Dry seasons last from January to February (average daytime temperatures can reach up to 30 degrees Celsius) and from June to October (average 25 degrees Celsius during the day). That’s when it’s best to come to the island. In the remaining months (from March to May and from November to December) rainy seasons are observed. The rains are heavy, but of short duration. They cool and clean the air pleasantly. If you prefer an active vacation based on visiting new places rather than lounging all day on the beach, the rainy season will be better for your vacation.


You can buy a visa at the airport, immediately upon arrival. It costs $ 50 and entitles you to stay on the island for 90 days.


The currency in Zanzibar is Tanzanian shilling (1 TZS = 0.0016 PLN). Tourists are advised to use US dollars, which can be exchanged at the airport, Stone Town or hotel.


It is good to have drugs for diarrhea, probiotics (eg Sanprobi or Swanson Epic-pro ) to minimize the risk of food poisoning, antibacterial gels, painkillers, patches.


Before leaving, it is worth having vaccinations against diseases such as: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid fever, cholera, rabies, tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough, flu. It is best to get vaccinated 4-8 weeks before the trip. The only compulsory vaccination is yellow fever vaccination when we come to Tanzania from countries at risk of this disease or we had a 12-hour transfer during the trip in a country where yellow fever is endemic. Also, tourists traveling from Tanzania inland to Zanzibar and vice versa should have documents confirming vaccination against this disease.


Tanzania, together with its island, Zanzibar, is one of the 100 countries in the world where malaria is present. The mosquitoes that carry malaria are most active at night and near bodies of water. It is worth getting an effective mosquito repellent (eg Mugga ).

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