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How Abdul Zanzibar was born

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A child without a father

My name is Abdul. I was born in a small, poor and very traditional family in the village of Mofu, part of the Morogoro region of Tanzania. I lived there with my mom.

In the first nine years of my life, I never saw my father and I didn’t experienced his love and care. The worst and most painful thing for me was that I was rejected by him and – as a result – recognized by the Mofu community as a fatherless child.

In African culture, the men have more rights and privileges. A man is a person who makes the most important decisions about his child and he chooses the name for him. Since my dad left me before I was born, I didn’t have any official name until I was nine, when my father appeared out of nowhere in my life.

Of course, it wasn’t like I was a completely nameless child for nine years. My mother’s family suggested that I would be named after a relative who died many years earlier. From then on, my name was KENEDY MUOMANGE. I didn’t know that the name was meaningless, as it was not given to me by my father and that it didn’t really matter at all.

Abdul Zanzibar moja historia

I have created a Mini Guide for you, which shows the most attractive travel destinations on the fantastic island of Zanzibar.


My name is Abdulkharimu Amlani Seki, for friends – Abdul.

I am 23 years old, an animator and I come from Tanzania. I will show you Zanzibar with my eyes.

I invite you to fantastic tours with Abdul Zanzibar!

Your Zanzibar
Travel Guide

Abdul Zanzibar is my job and passion.
This is a place made for you because of love for Zanzibar.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

You are Abdulkharimu Amlani Seki

When I turned 9, my father suddenly appeared in my life. Then I got my name: Abdulkharimu Amlani Seki. Despite the problems and worries caused by my father, I was very curious about him and happy to finally know him. Everyday problems – hunger, financial problems, school fees – didn’t matter for the moment.

When the problems of the nature of survival increased, my mother tried to seek help from her father. However, he agreed to help, only in the case of my residence with the family of my father, who was expecting a new child with his wife. So I stayed with my sick mother who needed me.

As soon as my mother got a job and the money to pay for my school became available, our life could go on with its peaceful rhythm again. But my goal at the time was not to study, I preferred to play and hang out with my friends. During one of my trips I was swimming in the lake and at some point I started to sink. I was saved thanks to the help of a local fisherman. After this dramatic situation, my father concluded that my mother was not raising me properly and took me to his home.

I did not know happiness in my father’s house. His family and especially his wife did not treat me well because I was an illegitimate child. Unable to endure starvation and corporal punishment, I ran away to my grandmother who lived nearby. I spent a good time with her because she was a loved and supportive person. When I was 19 she left and my life became a series of unpleasant events again. I wanted nothing to do with my father’s family.

Abdul Zanzibar historia

Zanzibar - Another World

A few years after the death of my beloved grandmother, my mother’s brother appeared in our village. Obtaining my mother’s consent, my uncle took me to Zanzibar, where a new phase of my life began. On this beautiful island, I have matured to stand on my own feet.

Initially, my occupation was a work on a spice farm in the village of Dole. In the meantime, I started learning English, thanks to which I was able to work in a hotel as an animator.

Spending time in the company of people having fun on their holidays I felt great. I wanted to be part of their vacation. Give them joy and happiness. Make people visiting Zanzibar spend the vacation of a lifetime here. I also wanted to help people from here – pay back for what I found here. Peace and joy 🙂

That is why my dream is that the owners of small but charming hotels in Zanzibar will have a chance to be found by tourists. I want to make it possible for them. And do everything to make everyone in Zanzibar feel great!

Abdul Zanzibar is a mission to bring joy 🙂

Choose. Travel. Get excited!

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